World’s experts to investigate sharks in Tubbataha

A team of the world’s top shark scientists is off to Tubbataha today to do an in depth assessment of elasmobranchs within the park.

The Large Marine Vertebrate Project is partnering with the Tubbataha Management Office to conduct a ten-day expedition to investigate on the mysteries behind the spectacular biodiversity of Tubbataha, particularly on elasmobranchs, which includes sharks, rays and skates.

Ten experts, headed by LAMAVE Project Director, Dr. Alessandro Ponzo are up to discover and track the previously unknown migration patterns and behavior of sharks, and to find out why Tubbataha is one of the few sites in the Philippines where tiger sharks are seen regularly. The team will also install satellite tags to determine migration paths and nursery sites of whale sharks that frequent the park.

The remote underwater video (RUV), deployed in Tubbataha in March, has recorded presence of some of the exciting marine creatures such as, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, mantas, etc., in Tubbataha.

Information gathered in this study will validate Tubbataha’s role as an important refuge and pathway for these animals. It will also aid the managers of the park and other conservation organizations formulate policies and programs addressing threats to the survival of these marine life.

Meet the shark experts and learn more about the project through this link.