Marine park rangers, Segundo Conales and Crisencio Caranay enjoyed opening these gifts from Glorietta shoppers. The gifts will be brought to Tubbataha on the next relieving trip scheduled for mid-February.

On 11 January, three boxes were delivered to the Tubbataha Management Office. It contained gifts for the rangers – from people they do not know! They prepared a wish list over a month ago but forgot about it as the weeks went by. Now their wishes have materialized. According to Seconds, ‘There are so many kind-hearted people out there. We can only repay their generosity by doing our job as best we can. We give them this promise. May God bless them as they have blessed us.’
The gifts came from shoppers of Glorietta. Part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, Ayala Land, Inc., launched the ‘100 Christmas Wishes at Glorietta’ campaign two years ago. It partnered with five non-government organizations, who were asked to make a wish list of various items to be granted by Glorietta shoppers. Antonio Floirendo Foundation, Inc., represented the rangers, accepting the gifts on their behalf and forwarding the three boxes to Puerto Princesa City.