Since it was discovered by divers in the late 1970s Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (TRNP) has been considered one of the most extraordinary dive sites in the world, a dream trip for most scuba divers. Recently, it was ranked eighth best dive site in the world by the CNN travel website,

Tourism plays a key role in the conservation of Tubbataha, as park entrance fees provide the necessary funds to manage and patrol the Park. Income also goes towards education campaigns, increasing awareness and support for the reefs’ protection locally and internationally.

Dive Season

Tubbataha’s dive season is schedule just three months long, running from mid-March until mid- June. At this time of year diving conditions is usually optimum, with clear skies, calm seas, and visibility between 30 and 45 meters.  In the case of emergencies, you may contact agencies in charge of the incident.

Getting There

From Manila, divers take one of the regular flights to Puerto Princesa. Dive operators usually transport their guests from the airport to the pier, just minutes away, where their boat awaits.

It takes around 10 hours to get to the Park from Puerto Princesa. Most dive boats leave after dinner and arrive in Tubbataha early the next morning. Some slower vessels leave the wharf earlier in order to arrive at Tubbataha by first light.

Park Rules and Regulations

To protect the reef from destruction and over-exploitation, every diver in Tubbataha must follow the Park Rules and Regulations. If you are a diver, please read Diving Best Practice to minimize your impacts on the reef.