Community outreach caps 2016 Training of Trainers

With enriched knowledge on the concepts of marine conservation and enhanced communication skills, the participants of this year’s Training of Trainers (TOT) proved that they are ready to be champions of environmental awareness as they successfully conducted a community outreach activity in Bgy. Manalo, Puerto Princesa City last Saturday, July 2nd.

It was the highlight of their four-day training with the theme “Communicating Marine Conservation”. Sixteen participants from various partner agencies demonstrated their new learnings to the community through environmental talks, songs, dances, skits, jingles, and games that they developed. The Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors, Philippine Coast Guard District – Palawan, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, DENR, PCSD, and the Tubbataha Management Office sent their representatives to the training. The activity was made possible through financing from the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.



SN2 Oliver Mazo PCG encourages the children of Bgy. Manalo to properly segregate their solid waste.


Mr. Jan Elmer Badilla from PPSRNP talks about the ecological significance of mangroves, reminding the community of the benefits that they derive from such ecosystems.


Tubbataha Youth Ambassador Jannica Aurelio acts in front of a crowd composed mostly of fisherfolk wives.


The children of Bgy. Manalo play a game about proper waste segregation.


A young boy receives an environmental activity book from Ms. Phoebejean Aludia of WWF – Philippines.


They did it! Everyone was all smiles after two successful outreach sessions.



The newest environmental champions are:  Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors Hanniel S. Almasco, Jannica R. Aurelio, Kim Cymer L. Dela Cruz, Davidde Kyle P. Venturillo Tubbataha Management Office Jumaiyah P. Macalabo, Rosalie Anne O. Tarrobago PCG District – Palawan SN2 Oliver M. Mazo PCG, SN2 Ivan Luisian L. Pabalan PCG Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park Mary Ann B. Andrade, Jan Elmer I. Badilla, Anchovy T. Barros, Sherry Anne A. Valdez WWF-Philippines Phoebejean H. Aludia DENR – CENRO Puerto Princesa Elany P. Sanico DENR – PENRO Palawan Lauri Rose S. Coquia Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Ai Nhi R. Trudeau, and Ian Christian A. Vega.

Thoughts of a Youth Ambassador for Tubbataha

“What is your dream?”

“What are your goals?”

“Who do you want to be like when you grow up?”

These unending questions shape us from the beginning of our years until the time we stop for a moment and think if any of it has been met according to our desires.  Some may have been realized already.  Others remain hanging in our heads.  Then, new dreams come—more important and significant.  These visions put us to a higher perspective, making us see beyond the horizon and making us grow to become wiser.

So here I am, welcoming one of the most exciting events in my life: to be a Tubbataha Youth Ambassador. The thought of becoming a representative for something such helpful and important gets me excited.  Sharing Tubbataha’s mandate to protect the seas and the environment for the future generations, I feel that I, too, can be an agent for a good cause.

This great opportunity has been handed on to me thanks to the labor of those who have worked hard to shape the present age.  They were the ones who first fought for the preservation of the natural resources.  These are still intact but are facing threats from rapid industrialization and harmful human activities.

I was able to witness the beauty of nature for years.  I can give thanks now in my own little words, but the world I am in today is what I ought to give to the next generation.  They, too, deserve to see the beautiful surrounding that I have come to live in.  If there should be someone who would instill to the minds of the masses a purpose to live for, it should be the Ambassador.

This is an ambassador’s legacy: to pay it forward.  Be an example.   Be the catalyst.  Be the leader.

Jherson M. Pugay

As a Petroleum Engineering student of Palawan State University, Jherson knows all about exploitation of natural resources. He has also worked in a petroleum company and has observed the negative effects of irresponsible resource use. He now feels he is perfectly suited to work in environmental conservation.

The Tubbataha Youth Ambassador Program is a project run by the Tubbataha Management Office through the support of Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.

Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors Announced

On 10 May 2013 the Tubbataha Management Office named the new Youth Ambassadors for Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

Three applicants were selected (rather than four), all Palaweños and undergraduate students in Palawan. The new Youth Ambassadors will gain practical experience in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park while expanding their knowledge of the management of marine protected areas and World Heritage Sites.

Meet this year’s Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors!

Left to Right: Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors June Lee Miñoza, Jennifer Salonga and Jherson Pugay at the Tubbataha Management Office after meeting the Tubbataha staff.

Jennifer Salonga, 20

Jennifer, a BS Fisheries student of Western Philippine University, has always advocated that marine resources are not limitless and must be conserved. Becoming one of the Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors is the perfect opportunity for her to further her cause.

Jherson Pugay, 26

As a Petroleum Engineering student of PSU, Jherson knows all about exploitation of natural resources. He has also worked in a petroleum company and has observed the negative effects of irresponsible resource use. He now feels he is perfectly suited to work in environmental conservation.

June Lee Miñoza, 25

June, a third year BS Psychology student of Palawan State University (PSU), wants to use his communication skills to encourage fellow youth to be responsible stewards of our natural resources.

The Tubbataha Youth Ambassador program is one of the activities organised in celebration of Tubbataha’s 25th year as a marine protected area. Through this program the Tubbataha Management Office and Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. – which has been supporting the Tubbataha’s conservation since 2007 – offers young Palaweños the opportunity to prepare for their future role as responsible managers of our natural resources and common heritage.

Follow the Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors’ journey on the Tubbataha website and on our official Facebook fan page Friends of Tubbataha.