Project OCD designs merchandise and info materials for TMO

TMO released a new set of designs of merchandise, information materials, and tokens – courtesy of Project Obsessive Compulsive Design (Project OCD), which rendered its services for free.

The designs give life to t-shirts, promotional brochures, notebooks, and luggage tags for sale and distribution this year. Luggage tags and promotional brochures, which include park rules and regulations, will be available to tourists free of charge as a token of their patronage. Notebooks will be given out to school children as information and education materials, while shirts and rash guards will be sold to generate more revenues for conservation. TMO generates income solely through tourism, which contributes from 40- to 50% of the annual management cost.

Three artists with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) – a neurologic anxiety disorder characterized by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviors – produced these works of art. Victoria Laquindanum has volunteered her expertise to TMO since 2011. On board this year are her OC friends Mia De Leon and Korina De Jesus who help conceptualize and execute the designs. These young ladies run Project OCD as a means of creative expression – and for their health. ‘Designing fuels our artistic impulses, regulates brain chemistry and relieves our anxiety without the need for medication’, says Mia. Project OCD is a Manila-based design studio specializing in commissioned paintings, visual merchandise, illustration, graphic design, fashion consultation, and photography. For more information, visit them at: