Permitting Process

Individuals or companies conducting commercial dive operations in Tubbataha must have an accreditation from the  PCSSD before applying for a  Permit to Operate from the Tubbataha Management Office.  A Permit to Operate must be secured at least two months before first entry to the Park.

Private boats and other non-commercial trips must have Entry Permits before their scheduled trips.

Individuals or organisations wanting to conduct research in the Park must secure a Research/Monitoring Permit. Similarly, any person or company wanting to photograph and/or film in Tubbataha for commercial purposes must secure a special permit from the TPAMB.

The complete guide on the online permit application can be seen here.


The TPAMB determined the park conservation fee through a willingness-to-pay survey conducted by WWF-Philippines in 1999. Conservation fees fund recurrent costs such as administration and law enforcement.

Visitor Entry Fees

P 5,000.00/ per person

50% discount for repeat visitors within the season

Vessel Entry Fee (per entry)

100 gross tons and below P 3,000.00

101-200 gross tons P 4,500.00

201 gross tons and above P 6,000.00