Registration 3 August; Artwork Submission 9 August; Awarding 11 August


Marine debris is any man-made solid that finds its way into the water. Floating plastic bottles, discarded fishing lines and fishing nets, used lighters, pieces of wrecked boats, etc. – marine debris can be almost anything made by man.

It can be found nearly everywhere. Today, there is no place on Earth immune to this problem. Since marine debris is swept along by water currents, it often accumulates most noticeably along coastlines.

With the increasing use of plastic, human influence has become an issue as many types of plastics do not biodegrade. Waterborne plastic poses a serious threat to fish, seabirds, marine reptiles, and marine mammals, as well as to boats and coasts. Dumping, container spillages, litter washed into storm drains and waterways and wind-blown landfill waste all contribute to this problem.


• Heighten public awareness on the increasing threat posed by marine debris to our ocean and marine life using art as a tool


  1. This contest is open to all high school and college students, amateur and professional artists who are currently residing in Palawan.
  2. Participants must form a team of five (5) members composed of one (1) artist consultant/leader and four (4) member artists who will render the artwork.
  3. To join, interested groups must submit the fully accomplished registration form, at least two (2) photos of the marine debris or trash that will be used in the artwork, and a sketch of the artwork design.
  4. Only the first ten (10) groups to register by 12 noon on 3 August 2013 will be considered as official contestants. Registration forms may be submitted online at [email protected] or personally at the Tubbataha Management Office (see full address below).
  5. Contestants for this competition will create a 2 x 2 x 4 ft 3D artwork using marine debris or trash (i.e., plastic bottle, Styrofoams, food wraps, nylons, nets, etc.) collected from coastal areas in their community or within Puerto Princesa City. The artwork must be comprised of 80% or more marine debris or trash material. Mixed media, canvass, boards, nails, thumb tacks, glue guns, etc. may be used to achieve a three dimensional artwork. The use of corals, shells, sea grass or any living plants or animals is not allowed.
  6. Only one entry per group is allowed. All entries must be original artwork and should revolve around the theme: “Tubbataha 25, riding the waves of change”.
  7. Artwork entries must be in good taste, as they will be publicly displayed. Inappropriate entries will be automatically disqualified.
  8. Artworks must be submitted not later than 3PM on 9 August 2013 at the Capitol Park Square, Provincial Capitol Grounds, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Contestants who failed to submit their artwork on the scheduled date will be automatically disqualified.
  9. A panel of judges composed of, but not limited to, members of the Tubbataha Reefs, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, arts and media sectors will judge the artworks based on the following criteria:
    • 35% Relevance to the theme
    • 45% Artistic merits and Composition
    • 20% Over-all Impact
  10. The judges’ decision is final.
  11. Awards to the winning artworks will be as follows:
    • 1st Place Best Artwork P20,000
    • 2nd Place Best Art work P15,000
    • 3rd Place Best Artwork P10,000
    • Consolation Prizes of P2,000
  12. All artworks shall be considered properties of Tubbataha Management Office and may be used by the organization for exhibit and promotional purposes (i.e., press releases, collaterals, point of sale materials, merchandising materials, website, etc.) with due credits to the owner.


For more info on marine debris, visit and

For more information, please contact:

Tubbataha Management Office
41 Abad Santos Street
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
T: 48 434 5759
Globe: 09277259884
Smart: 09295978529
E: [email protected]

Click here to download the registration form