LAMAVE, TMO to lead Elasmo research and conservation training

elasmo training


Dive masters, dive operators, and other partners in the management of Tubbataha will convene at Ipil Suites in Puerto Princesa City for the Elasmobranch (əˈ-lazmə-brangk) Research and Conservation Training this coming Tuesday, February 24.

LAMAVE or the Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines will provide the technical expertise, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc., the funding, and the Tubbataha Management Office the organization of  the said training.  The activity, which will run until the 25th of February, will be a mixture of academic and in-water sessions focused on strengthening citizen science on elasmobranchs; also known as the cartilaginous fishes which include sharks, rays, and skates.  Proper procedures in photo-documention and interaction guidelines with this group of animals will also highlight the event.  The training also aims to reinforce the interest of the participants in collecting scientific information on elasmobranchs and other top predators.