Housing project for tree-nesting seabirds

The Tubbataha Black noddy (Anous minutus worcesteri) can now only be found in the Bird and South Islets.  Because all the trees in the Bird and South Islet died, this internationally-protected seabird no longer has a place to build its nest and raise its young.  We are now experimenting on a sturdier structure on which they could build their nests.  We will let you know how this experiment goes.


Figure 1.  Rangers assemble A-frame seabird condos at Bird Islet. These are made of GI pipes and PVC.


Figure 2.  The old bamboo condos are down (right), a new experiment is up. Brown boobies (foreground) show no interest whatsoever.


Figure 3. View from the lighthouse: the A frame and the X frame seabird condos.