Conservation Awareness

Our educational programs aim to promote awareness of conservation issues, generate support for Tubbataha and encourage voluntary compliance of Park regulations.  We seek to present a holistic view of coral reefs and to foster a sense of stewardship towards the marine environment as an interrelated and interdependent ecosystem.

To this end, we employ two major strategies – public outreach activities and the production and distribution of informational materials.

Public Outreach

Our public outreach activities aim to bring conservation awareness to:

  • Local communities
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institution
  • Dive tourism industry operating in Tubbataha
  • The private sector

Educational Programs for Schools and Coastal Villages

Since 2008 we have been visiting schools and coastal villages all round Palawan – from El Nido in the north to Brooke’s Point in the south – and also some communities outside the province.  Our school visits bring much-needed marine conservation awareness to local youth while our visits to coastal communities of fisherfolk provide essential information about the TRNP Act (RA 10067), which designates Tubbataha a strictly “no-take” zone.

Our Educational Caravan: Ang Tubbataha ay ATIN

A team of volunteers and TMO staff brings Tubbataha closer to the hearts of local youth and fisherfolk through a caravan – Ang Tubbataha ay ATIN (Tubbataha is Ours).

The acronym ATIN stands for:

  • Alagaan (Protect)
  • Tuklasin (Explore)
  • Isalin (Transmit)
  • Ngayon (Now)

The team uses photo exhibitions, slideshows and videos, environmental games and theatrical presentations to bring marine conservation to life for the youth and local fisherfolk.

Through the educational caravan, we increase awareness of the significance of Tubbataha among local people.  We hope that this will result in their participation in the conservation activities and law enforcement efforts of the TMO and other agencies.

Educational Programs for Divers: Pre-departure briefings

Before each dive trip to Tubbataha, staff from the TMO provide an educational briefing for divers. By ensuring that all divers visiting Tubbataha are well-informed, we prevent any negative impacts of tourism, such as damage to the reefs.

Pre-departure briefings take place on board dive boats and aim to:

  • Increase appreciation for Tubbataha Reefs
  • Increase understanding of Park rules and regulations and explain the reasons why they are necessary
  • Act as channel for visitors and boat operators to present comments and suggestions to improve park management

Production and distribution of information materials

The following educational materials are available and have been distributed:

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