2017 Annual Dive Operators’ Consultation. Dive operators and dive professionals, including representatives from relevant government agencies met in Puerto Princesa to discuss how best Tubbataha can be protected from the potential negative impacts of tourism.

For almost 20 years now, TMO has been meeting with scuba diving operators and diving professionals in Tubbataha annually to discuss mutual concerns and issues. The consultation is meant to draw the insights of the private sector on how to improve park management and on how it can best contribute to the bottom line: that of conserving and protecting Tubbataha and all life within it. This year, the meeting will be held on 2 March 2018 in Puerto Princesa, well before the peak of the scuba diving season.

During the diving season, there is little opportunity for dive operators and diving professionals to be together as a group. The one-day activity provides opportunity for dive operators to be together and share valuable lessons from each other. TMO updates participants on the recent developments in management, research results, and provide reminders and updates on rules. It is also a chance for TMO to secure advice from the private sector on technical and other matters.