Dive Operators

A range of dive companies offers liveaboard trips to Tubbataha Reefs. The TMO does not operate commercial trips to the Park.

Below are the accredited liveaboards that you can contact directly if you want to dive in Tubbataha Reefs.  These liveaboards have acquired their respective permits to operate. They are the partners of TMO in conservation. And since their business depends on Tubbataha Reefs, they are considered stakeholders in the Park’s future. Dive operators relay our conservation message to tourists and ensure that divers follow Park Rules and Regulations. They also assist by reporting fishermen or other illegal resource exploitation that they come across in the park.

Atlantis Dive Resorts Philippines

Discovery Fleet Corporation

M/V Doplhin

Dolphinbay Divers

M/Y Infiniti

Infiniti Liveaboard Diving


M/Y Narayana

Coopers Narayana Dive Services
+63 917 722 7976
+63 917 622 7975


M/V Oceana Maria Scuba


M/Y Palausport


M/V Seadoors


M/V Solitude One

Nomadic Underwater and Tours


M/V Stella Maris Explorer


S/Y Philippine Siren

Worldwide Dive & Sail Philippines, Inc.


M/Y Resolute


M/Y Sakura

Angelita Angeles


M/Y Zamerdius

Nazario M. Gabinete 


M/Y Azalea

Liveaboard Diving Philippines